Summer League

Summer League:

How does it work?

There will be multiple round robin boxes per category, depending on how many people/teams subscribe. Each round robin box will have a maximum of 6 players. So for example: If 12 men sign up for the men’s singles, there will be 2 round robin boxes of 6 players. This means each player will have 5 matches.
The players will contact each other to arrange matches, they have 1 match per week, 5 weeks to complete all matches.
The best player of each round robin box will go through to the finals, which will be played on a day in September = Finals Day, where we will also organise a bbq.
First matches will start on the week of the 11th of July.
The poster is attached with details and Jolien, our Club Captain will respond to you on sign up.
Please show you interest via with the subject line Summer League if you would like to play.