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We have 4 all-weather floodlit courts which are used exclusively by members and can be booked by members in advance. 

The Clubhouse has male and female changing rooms with toilets and showers, a lounge area with a TV, a kitchen and a number of indoor games including darts and table tennis.

The kitchen has an electric hob, an oven and a fridge. There is a vending machine for cold drinks in the cluhouse and tea and coffee are available for a small donation in the kitchen area.

first aid kit is located in the kitchen area. After rain, the Club has court sweepers which can be used to clear the water off the surface of the courts.
Access to the Club is controlled via a key pad on the entrance gate. The code to open the gate is disclosed to new Members on payment of their fees and is changed regularly.

Whilst the courts can be used with knowledge of the gate code, access to the club house is controlled via a key fob which can be bought from Pam Gillingwater, our Membership Secretary for £7. The key fob remains the property of the Club and is to be returned to the Membership Secretary when the Member stops being a Member of LMTC.

A key fob is needed to access Clubs facilities and we would recommend members purchase one.

Other important and useful information

Booking a Court -  Courts are booked on a first come first served basis.  A list of the times available in the next few weeks are printed and pinned to the notice board located in the perspex cabinet next to entry gate. To book a time,  write your name against the time that you want.  As a courtesy to other Members, please do not book a court unless you will be playing, and if you don't require your court please cancel your booking on the booking sheet to free the court for other members.

Suitable tennis clothing and recognised tennis shoes must be worn whilst playing.

Juniors are not permitted in the Clubhouse unless supervised by an adult member of the Club.

Visiting Jersey - LMTC is kindly represented included on the Sports Jersey website.  Sport Jersey is part of the Seymour Hotel Group which specialises in the management of group visits to Jersey. You can read more about this on their website at Seymour Hotels (opens in a new window).


The LTA CLUBMARK policies which have been adopted by LMTC are (documents open in a new window):

LMTC Risk Assessment Policy - Sets out how the club tries to ensure that everyone at the club remains safe

LMTC Accident Incident and Emergency Guidance - Gives guidance on what to do if an accident, incident or emergency occurs at the club

LMTC Accident and Incident Report Form - A form for completion when an accident or incident occurs at the club (copies are available on the wall by the kitchen in the clubhouse)

Note:  Signed copies of the policies are available to view on the Club's notice boards.


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